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Pilot project in Port Adelaide proves to be the hidden gem we need

Published: Mon 18 July 2022

By Nadia Boscaini, Glam Adelaide

In the back streets of Port Adelaide, a unique destination for individuals living with a disability was been born and is now thriving, with more locations on the horizon.

co-able, the first of its kind in Australia and the project of Shane Hryhorec, came to life with the vision of creating a location for individuals with disabilities to receive a full suite of support.

Developed within an iconic heritage-filled building in Port Adelaide built in 1851, co-able is a modern, 21st century health and wellness destination, offering individuals and specialists a fully accessible, inclusive environment.

Founder of co-able, Shane Hryhorec, had the idea to create a location that houses a range of providers such as allied health, employment services and an accessible gym, all working towards improving the lives of people with a disability.

From the inside out, the location encourages people with a disability to build and improve their own health and independence, while bettering themselves.

The birth of co-able came about while Shane was searching for a commercial space to rent.

“It quickly became obvious that many places weren’t accessible for wheelchair users like me and that sparked an idea… What if there was a fully accessible place to rent dedicated to housing disability service providers?”

All elements of the co-able space, including the boardroom, communal kitchen, dining area and bathrooms are designed with accessibility and inclusivity top of mind.

The goal is to make the space accessible for as many types of abilities as possible.

The location is also home to an inclusive and accessible entertainment space that is currently under renovations and due to open early 2023.

The pilot project that began in the back streets of a Western suburb, is now fast becoming the starting point for the development of a range of locations, with Shane having his eye on developing spaces of a similar nature, interstate.

“We want to bring the co-able concept to other locations in Australia including Melbourne and Sydney,” Shane states.

The innovative, unique and collaborative space is designed for people with ranging levels of abilities and is making Port Adelaide the picture of inclusivity and encouragement.

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