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Meet the tenants: Grant Allen, Push Mobility

Published: Fri 29 October 2021

Push Mobility is a disability equipment supplier, and one of the leading manual wheelchair providers in Australia. The majority of the Push Mobility team have lived experience of disability, either personally or within their own family..

Grant Allen, Push’s South Australian Manager, is also a Paralympic handcyclist, so you know you’re in expert hands when he’s servicing your wheels. We spoke to Grant about what you might expect from a visit to their new showroom at co-able for equipment trials, wheelchair repairs, and skills training.

What products does Push Mobility sell?

We sell everything from manual wheelchairs, through to accessories. I would say they're things that make life easier, as well as more enjoyable. We do a lot of really unique and niche items that people perhaps aren't even aware exist until they see we have something that may be a solution to their problem, or may just bring more joy to their lives.

For example, something that makes life a lot easier is a really cool little USB-rechargeable electric pump that we do called a Fumpa Pump. It's really small, compact and allows even someone with very limited hand function or strength to be able to inflate their wheelchair tires properly, which is a really big deal to making your wheelchair work effectively. And it's something that a lot of people always neglect because it's just too hard to get done or they have to ask for help. A simple little thing like that can be purchased through NDIS funding and it just alleviates all those issues.

It gets quite interesting, like you can go to our website and really kind of get caught going down the rabbit hole of: "Oh there's that, there's that, there's that as well.” Another one which is worth pointing out as well is the Phoenix Travel Bag. It's a suitcase system that clips onto the back of your wheelchair and allows you to make your way around travelling or even just shopping. It's a really, really handy piece of equipment.

Do you sell products for customers with a range of abilities?

Yeah, we see lots of different people with varying levels of function according to their disability. Some people might be still partially ambulant, other people may be completely restricted to very limited hand function as well. So we see a diverse group of people for sure.

When people come to the new Push Mobility showroom, can they try the products?

That's correct. We have items to trial that can be done there at our showroom.

What is the new showroom in the co-able building like?

With smooth, polished concrete floors, it's very easy to navigate around. There are wide doorways, and the building is very easily accessed as a whole. Along with that, it has a very warm and kind of homely feel to it. It's not clinical at all, it doesn't feel like a hospital or anything like that. It just feels like a really nice, comfortable space to come into.

People come in and say it's really fancy, beautiful and it feels just like a house almost. The lighting is nice, it smells nice and looks nice. It's really clean and welcoming, that's for sure.

Will Push Mobility be open five days a week at the co-able building?

That's right. But it's just important for people to make a booking to come and see us, because that allows us to give them the best of us and make the most use of their time. If someone is looking at a piece of equipment for trial, and they're there with a therapist, who they’re paying to be there, as well using their own time, they're assured that my attention is completely focused on them, rather than some other person walking in. A booking can be done with a therapist or just a customer on their own.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy helping people and giving people better options. Waking up in the morning and knowing that you're going to be able to service someone's wheelchair and make it easier for them to get around, or getting them a new piece of equipment that makes their life work better, it's a really good thing. There was a customer only the other day that came in to have her wheelchair serviced. There were a myriad of issues and to be able to go through and fix all of those things, and for her to be able to get back in a chair and be like, “Oh, wow, this feels amazing,” seeing that, it's a really cool thing.

Check out Push Mobility’s range of products here. If you’d like to book in an appointment at their co-able showroom, head here.

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