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When I was searching for commercial space to rent, it quickly became obvious that many places weren’t accessible for wheelchair users like me and that sparked an idea… What if there was a fully accessible place to rent dedicated to housing disability service providers? And that’s how co-able came about.

Shane Hryhorec, co-able Founder

co-able is a ‘one stop shop’ for people with disabilities to have meetings, have a look at wheelchairs, maybe do therapy… it’s a hub.

Abbey, co-able member

co-able is a space for everyone. It’s inclusive, accessible and a warm, fun, happy place to be with good people.

Grant Allen, South Australian State Manager
Port Adelaide now open!
More locations to come.
Location details
  • co-able: The Port Adelaide hub sets the benchmark for accessibility

    BY SOPHIE BERRILL co-able in Port Adelaide is a rare building that emerged out of a need to provide a fully accessible environment to allied health tenants and their clients. Now co-able sets the benchmark for accessible fitouts as it continues to adapt to the needs of its users. Shane Hryhorec was in the early…

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