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What is co-able?

co-able is a destination offering a range of providers that promote the independence and healthcare of people with disabilities. Our co-able environment includes providers such as allied health professionals, employment services and an accessible gym, all working together to make life easier for those who use it. We're confident that you'll find everything you need here, whether for yourself or a loved one.

Who owns co-able?

Shane Hryhorec is the owner and founder of co-able. A wheelchair user himself, he is a passionate advocate for people living with disabilities. Having grown up in South Australia, Shane loves the vibrancy of the Port Adelaide area and community.

Where is co-able located?

co-able is located at the heritage listed address of 60 Marryatt Street, Port Adelaide. Just a 20 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD, the site of co-able is the former Port Adelaide Medical Centre. 

Who can join co-able?

Any organisation with a focus on supporting, empowering and assisting people living with disabilities is welcome at co-able. Please get in touch via if you think your organisation would be a valuable addition to the co-able community. 

Are parking spaces offered as part of the office booking?

This can be arranged, spaces are limited and subject to availability. Enquire today via 

What are the rates offered at co-able?

To learn more about our rates, send us an email at

How do I find out more about co-able?

To find out more about co-able, send us an email at

Alternatively, you can see our social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Are there plans for setting up co-able in other states in Australia?

Our first ever co-able in Adelaide has been nothing short of a success, so yes plans are definitely in place to expand! Stay tuned….

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