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What is co-able?” we hear you ask…

co-able is a health and wellness destination, offering individuals and allied health specialists a fully accessible, inclusive environment.

Our innovative collaborative spaces are designed for people with ranging levels of abilities.

co-able is ideal for sole traders and small businesses working from home, or those renting traditional commercial spaces, who may benefit from a co-working environment.

The first of its kind in Australia, co-able is a unique destination.

All elements of the co-able space, including the boardroom, communal kitchen, dining area and bathrooms are designed with ac-cessibility and inclusivity top of mind.

Our accessible bathrooms are a feature and not tucked away in the back corner. Our goal is to make the space accessible for as many types of abilities as possible.

We have station desks, single-room and suite leases available for professionals specialising in the disability sector, who are looking for a unique, relevant environment.

All leases (we like to call them memberships) include access to our communal café area, affectionately known as The Noshery, as well as our modern boardroom.

Accessible, professional and 100% welcoming.

“We’d love for you to be part of our co-able community.”

Port Adelaide now open!
More locations to come.
Location details
  • co-able: The Port Adelaide hub sets the benchmark for accessibility

    BY SOPHIE BERRILL co-able in Port Adelaide is a rare building that emerged out of a need to provide a fully accessible environment to allied health tenants and their clients. Now co-able sets the benchmark for accessible fitouts as it continues to adapt to the needs of its users. Shane Hryhorec was in the early…

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